Seafood Shopping Survey

Though I'd been deep in a couple specific seafood themes with my two previous books--Oysters and Crab--not to mention covering seafood in a number of other books and article projects over the years, something about writing Shellfish was different. It re-energized my seafood focus that began ages ago at Simply [...]

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New Cookbook: Shellfish

It was a natural assumption to make, one I heard from a number of people after my last cookbook was released. Crab came out late in 2016, following the release of Oysters in January of that year. So what was the third title in the series going to be? There [...]

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My Cookbook Collection

I hesitate to call the books that surround me on my home office a collection, exactly. I have no organized plan or focus around acquiring books, which I tend to associate with the idea of collecting things--stamps, wine, antiques. As a random assemblage of books, however, it ideally suits me [...]

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A Most Elegant Burger

A couple weeks ago I had one of those better-than-average work days, which had me hanging out with other food writers at Tom Douglas' cool cooking school Hot Stove Society. Our host was the Washington Beef Commission, and our task to get some hands-on time with various preparation techniques for [...]

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The Art of Collaboration

This article posted on Bon Appétit's website yesterday sheds some interesting light on the job of ghost-writing and co-authoring books with chefs and other celebs. It was fun to see a number of friends included in the piece! I've never ghosted a cookbook--contributing to the book's content without direct attribution--but [...]

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Coming Soon: Oysters!

It's a funny sensation, that moment in an author's life (at least this author's life) when you realize the book manuscript you've been working on for months is now finished and leaving your grasp for good: off to the printer in whatever form that last round of edits produced. The [...]

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