Though I’d been deep in a couple specific seafood themes with my two previous books–Oysters and Crab–not to mention covering seafood in a number of other books and article projects over the years, something about writing Shellfish was different. It re-energized my seafood focus that began ages ago at Simply Seafood magazine, in ways that other recent projects hadn’t. It had me thinking a lot more about the kinds of shellfish options folks would find and wondering about what types of stores they shopped at for seafood. I also became preoccupied with imagining potential readers all across the country, not just those on/near the coasts where familiarity with, and access to, seafood is considered to be strongest. My desire to create a book that would be viable and beneficial in all the states was a constant consideration.

Thus was sparked a lot of curiosity about what kinds of experiences people have when shopping for seafood, where they shop, what they look for, etc. I’d love to hear from folks across the country, and who have varying degrees of comfort levels cooking seafood.

If you cook seafood even just a few times a year, I’d be grateful if you might take this seafood shopping survey I put together. Shouldn’t take long, maybe 5 to 7 minutes max. Thanks in advance for sharing your insights. The input will help me puzzle away at ways I might be able to help folks more likely have positive experiences with shopping for and cooking seafood. Beyond the opportunity I have to do so by way of cookbooks.