A Merry Scandinavian Christmas

Which would translate to "god jul" in Swedish, with a "gott nytt Ã¥r" tossed in to wish you a happy new year as well! There are a couple of reasons that our Christmas day menu--usually a hearty but simple brunch, then a casual nosh later in the day--became a vaguely smörgÃ¥sbord-influenced Scandinavian spread. The main impetus was [...]

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Ultimate Peach Milkshake

While driving through McMinnville, Oregon earlier this week, a sweltering 100+ temp day, my friend pulled into a local drive-in to get a milkshake. He opted for fresh peach, his son picked raspberry, while I tried to be good and forgo the indulgence. Even when the cheery guy on the [...]

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Grilled Whole Salmon: Part 2

A quick follow-up to the previous post about my dad's grilled whole salmon recipe. Here's how it turned out for me on Friday night. Such a glorious meal! Before: Despite my notes in the recipe about the benefits of head-on salmon, as is most common the fish I bought was [...]

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For Dad: Grilled Whole Salmon

Handsome! Not sure what year, early 1940s? Boy, I just experienced something of a flood. And it's not from the Seattle rain that fell this morning after a near-month dry spell. I had determined to honor my dad by sharing with you his family-famous recipe for grilled whole [...]

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Herban Summer Cooking

I almost forgot that I'd contributed recipes to the June issue of Cooking Light. Some magazines, particularly the larger nationals like CL, have really long lead times for the articles. I'd turned those recipes in well over a year ago and moved on to many other things in the meantime. [...]

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On the Road: Denver Highlights

Still in a bit of a fog following a very full week in Denver last week for the IACP conference. Much as we have opportunities to get out on the town for meals and excursions, cocktails and random breaks -- it never really feels like I'm able to do justice to a [...]

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Here truffle, truffle

The Puget Sound Business Journal featured an item recently about a new kind of cultivation coming on the scene: that of the truffle. It's no easy feat to cultivate truffles, they're still going to have some unpredictable, wild tendencies and take their time to (hopefully) flourish. But at least one 2-acre plot of [...]

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