Edible Books 2011: Judging for Taste

I had a punderful time last weekend, arriving late Saturday morning at the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford just as folks were showing up with their entries for the 7th annual Seattle Edible Book Festival. I'd heard about the festival a couple of years ago, seen the Flickr postings of [...]

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Dominoes and Treats at the Palace

It has been SO much fun spreading the word about the release of my latest book, Gourmet Game Night, because the basic premise of the book is all about having fun. I like to think that previous books I worked on had their merits: tasty reliable recipes, interesting stories and [...]

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Luscious Lamb

I was chatting with the butcher at my neighborhood grocery store about lamb on a recent visit. I wanted to do a simple braise-stew but time was short, didn't want to fiddle with trimming shoulder (blade) meat from the bone, nor rely on leaner leg steaks that are less unctuous for braising. He [...]

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