Fish Stock: A Kitchen Foundation

You may have heard this reflection before: that stocks are so integral to cooking, the French use the word fond, meaning "foundation," for most stocks used in the kitchen. Fond de veau (veal), fond de volaille (poultry), fond de boeuf (beef). They're the base for countless recipes, including soups, stews, [...]

2020-09-09T17:05:26+00:00December 3rd, 2013|Cooking at Home, Recipes|

Room for Improvement: Retro Toffee Bars

So, I survived as a first-time webinar speaker earlier this month! I'd been an attendee on many in recent years, but this was my first time as presenter and I was a bit nervous about coming across polished and full of useful information. It helped, though, that the topic was [...]

2020-10-19T23:47:14+00:00September 23rd, 2013|Cooking at Home, Recipes|
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