Canning Summer: Plum Butter

It's funny how sometimes there's an odd confluence of input on one topic coming at you from seemingly disparate directions. For me this week, it's been canning: a subject chatted about at a dinner party Saturday, something Facebook friends gave me lots of guidance about after posting a quick question, and something [...]

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Hazelnut-Apple Tart

There are so many reasons that it's been as long as it has since I last sat down to write a post here. I won't bore you with details, aside from the more recent reason that I was out of town for most of December. It was a trip my [...]

2013-10-18T00:28:43+00:00January 2nd, 2012|Cooking at Home, Seasonal Eats|

The Nature of Salmon: Northwest Treasure

Asparagus, tulips and salmon, oh my. It must be spring in the Northwest. Though, granted, this year's very chilly and damp spring has meant delay in the produce and flower departments, it's unlikely that the piscatorial harbinger of spring will be off its typical mid-May schedule by much. The Alaska [...]

2015-11-17T01:30:10+00:00May 12th, 2011|Northwest Treasures, Seasonal Eats|

Taste of Summer: Rose Sangria

I recorded a radio interview earlier this week, chatting about great foods and beverages to enjoy during the summer. When it comes to "summer" and "drinks" I get fixated on one thing: rosé sangria. I'll admit to not usually being a sangria fan. Random fruit and sweetened red wine, just not [...]

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