My good friend Susan Volland pointed out a mistake in the book before it’s even gone to press. Egad, the nightmare of every author. (And I’m not kidding myself that there won’t be others that don’t go discovered for a while”¦.) Thankfully it’s a small error, more a clarification than anything.

SyzygyI state in the acknowledgements that, in addition to have been a big help as a fresh pair of well-trained eyes reviewing recipes in the final rounds, she also is a “manic Bananagrammer.” Bananagrams is a very popular word game with a delightfully simple premise: a bag full of letter tiles (100-plus) and at least two competitive word lovers. Kind of like free-form, fast-paced Scrabble, players work to make words that cross and link, using up their tiles as quickly as possible. (Note that the game is not to be confused with another Bananagram I found on the Web: a banana-themed singing telegram service.)

The only problem is that the game Susan actually plays is Syzygy. Essentially the same idea. Different style of tiles. No bright yellow banana bag. No Facebook page. Just the letters and those many thousands of words just waiting to be made!

So I stand corrected. Susan is a manic Syzygyer. Not a manic Bananagrammer! Either way, she’s still a word nut.