Make a Wish

Everyone at my Thanksgiving table this year is going to have their own wishbone to break. No, I'm not cooking up 8 turkeys just so everyone gets a wishbone. I love my family, but not quite that much. I'm looking forward to the spice-brined and grilled Cornish game hens I'll be [...]

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T-Day Countdown

Can you believe it? Just two weeks from today is Thanksgiving. That's what I get for blinking. I just started to make up my mental menu plan for dinner here that day. And though I am a traditionalist so often when it comes to my favorite things to eat and [...]

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My Own Private Yakima

This funny reflection came to mind as I was surveying my small backyard patio-garden a few weeks ago. As my eyes cast over one corner, where I have an espalier apple tree framed across the top by a trailing vine of golden hops, I realized it was a tiny little [...]

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Dining Out: The Corson Building

Crossroads. The new Corson Building in Seattle's burgeoning Georgetown neighborhood rather epitomizes the term in a figurative sense, serving up a dinner experience that represents the intersection   where "small independent restaurant" and "private dinner party" meet. It's a communal meal, strangers can blossom into new friends over the course of [...]

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A Farmer Post-Script

I hadn't yet opened this week's issue of New York magazine before making yesterday's post about the celebrity farmer (I do hope those of you in the Seattle area will try to make it to the Incredible Feast event in a couple weeks, "where the farmers are the stars"). A [...]

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Seasonal Treats: Clafoutis

Some day I'm going to actually get around to this, checking on the earlier history of my Seattle neighborhood to see if cherry trees figured prominently back when. Our house is nearly surrounded by them. To one side an ancient, sprawling Rainier tree packed with cherries that I can spy [...]

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Dinner at Home: Grilled Whole Chicken

Great minds think alike, don't you agree? My food-writing cohort and friend Nancy Leson spelled out a few days ago--in delicious detail--the steps she (and her husband Mac) uses to turn out perfect whole chicken roasted on the backyard grill. I'd served at home last Saturday night very much the same [...]

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Yukon Salmon Update

After having made a post recently in anticipation of this year's Yukon River salmon season, I received some sad news about this month's openings. Alaska Fish and Game agents moniter the fish heading into the river and will only approve an opening of the commercial fishing season if and when [...]

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Glorious Wild Salmon

This is a post I hesitate to start because, like gin in the previous post, salmon is a subject near and dear to my heart. It's hard to not follow various tangents and tell lots of stories about my experiences with the glorious fish once I broach the subject. I'll take [...]

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Sunchokes, Part Two

As promised in a post last week, I picked up some sunchokes at the Full Circle Farm stand at the West Seattle Farmers Market Sunday. It follows in the heels of an event I attended where Andrew Stout from Full Circle joked that everyone in the room needed to develop five [...]

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