A Most Magical Christmas

I didn't want to break the spell. When I left Seattle to go to cooking school in France, it was a major adventure, a big step into an unknown future, a dream come true. Belongings that I wasn't taking with me went into long-term storage, since this was to be an open-ended [...]

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In Honor of Mom

I can't say how many times a food story I've written, or recipe I've developed, has come with a story of my mother. My favorite is this one, which ended up getting picked up by Saveur's online offerings and has, in the long run, become one of the most popular [...]

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Game Therapy: Laughter

At one point during the evening Saturday I got up to close the sliding glass door alongside the dining room table. Not necessarily because it was getting too cool (a glorious warm spring evening it was, matter of fact). But out of worry that our raucous laughter might be disturbing [...]

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My Husband, Poker Champion!

It's funny that it took this long. But for a variety of reasons, it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that my husband and I played in our first poker tournament. We go to Vegas pretty frequently and have been invited to join in poker tournaments down there now and then, [...]

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Susan is a manic Syzygyer

My good friend Susan Volland pointed out a mistake in the book before it's even gone to press. Egad, the nightmare of every author. (And I'm not kidding myself that there won't be others that don't go discovered for a while”¦.) Thankfully it's a small error, more a clarification than [...]

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