Drinking Well: The Trident

After so many years working in the culinary business, I cannot say how much I relish the incredibly broad, diverse, fascinating, inspiring group of colleagues I've had the pleasure to interact with over the years. And it is so very satisfying to cheer them in their accomplishments and milestones, tip [...]

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Gin & Tonic’s Time to Shine

Ready for a gin and tonic revolution? Well. Maybe revolution is a bit overboard. But it's time for a movement of some kind to elevate the glories of the beloved G & T. A campaign maybe? Sure would beat the other brand of campaign we're being pounded with these days. [...]

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Farmers Market Martini

You'd have to look really closely (and, likely, hold it against a white background) to notice, but this martini I just made has a very subtle pink hue. Which is solidly out of character for me. Usually once a glass holds more than just gin and a dainty splash of [...]

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Dark and Stormy: Ginger, meet Rum

I guess it's a twist on turning lemons into lemonade, but in this case it was a matter of turning ginger into ginger syrup. I'd done a photo shoot recently for an ebook project that I'll tell you more about soon. I over-bought some items needed for the recipes, considering that [...]

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