I shouldn’t be at all surprised. In fact, I expected to be proven wrong. And, honestly, I’m kind of happy about it.

One of the recipes in my book is no great revelation, aside from perhaps the new game-friendly presentation. Those small loaves of cocktail bread–long and slender, producing slices about 2-inches square–are one of the boons for game-night eats. There’s little limit to what you can serve on them. The example I chose to showcase the options is Itty Bitty BLTs, mini versions of one of the country’s favorite sandwiches. In the little introduction at the start of the recipe, I made reference to bacon’s ever-growing popularity and noted, in print, that I was surprised no one had created a bacon-themed board game.

And, well.

Someone has. Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure. It’s described as a “mad dash through meatland on your way to the frying pan.” I’m not quite sure why Mr. Bacon looks so happy about meeting that end at the conclusion of the game, but he’s clearly a good sport about the whole thing. He contends with Mustard Marsh and Sausage Sea among other meaty challenges along the way.

It doesn’t surprise me that Archie McPhee folks are the masterminds behind this game. If you haven’t wasted (oops, I mean ‘spent’) time roaming around their web site (or their brick-and-mortar store if you’re lucky enough to be in Seattle), there’s no time like now to start. Need a yodelling pickle (you must click on “try the virtual yodelling pickle”)? or maybe a librarian action figure?  And bacon lovers will revel in the array of bacony products they have available, from bacon belts to bacon-flavored dental floss. Mr. Bacon has quite the cache at Archie McPhee’s, his seal of approval is stamped on dozens of products.

Sorry to admit that I haven’t yet procured myself a copy of the game, but will do so soon. And I can already hear the bacon sizzling in the pan…. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a bacon-theme game night menu. Stay tuned for details of how that all goes. Only one question remains: is it scratch-and-sniff?