It’s great to have friends in the food business. My pal Lisa Dupar, the doyenne behind Lisa Dupar Catering, clued me in to this web site, Pick On Us, which is a crazy candy store of game night goods. The site has a seemingly endless array of picks, skewers, and various types of containers that have”ostensibly”caterers in mind. But so many of the choices are ideal for game night parties. After all, both are all about entertaining in a creative, efficient, mess-free fashion.

Since the site has caterers in mind, you won’t find a little bag with 25 picks in it for next weekend’s party. Most products come in 100-count or more volume. But at prices in the roughly $5.00 to $15.00-per-100 range, it’s an affordable investment to make. Plus, they’re small, non-perishable and will happily sit tucked in the back of a cupboard or on a closet shelf until the next time you need to dig into the stash.

I wish I’d come across these bamboo “boats” earlier, I would have loved to play around with them while testing the book’s recipes! They’d be great for the sage popcorn recipe I have in the book, or maybe those addictive olive-cheese crackers! But I’ll be placing an order soon, since there’s a never-ending string of game night parties in our future. That’s something we can count on!